Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Spring Mix '11

For the last eight years Ari and I have a tradition of creating a "Spring Mix" of music. When we were living in Michigan that "Spring Mix" was a sort of quiet hope, a hope for warm days, no snow, reading on the porch. Now that I've been swimming in March out here in California, it's a little different, but this year's Beltane "Spring Mix" is the promise of an awesome summer, sun soaked days, nights at the beach, and hikes in the mountains! Enjoy

XTC has made some amazing Pagan-themed albums. Check out "Apple Venus" Volumes One and Two, along with "Skylarking." Gotta love songs about Maypoles!

This gorgeous track comes from the new Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers album "Unida Cantina."

A song doesn't have to explicitly be about "Spring" to make my "Spring Mix" it just has to put me in a certain mood/state of mind. "I've Never Done" by Bowling For Soup fills the bill nicely.

Ari would kill me if I left "Come All Ye" by Fairport Convention:

Probably only because it's new and I'm digging the beats, but you can't go wrong with new
Beastie Boys, this is "Make Some Noise."

"Gentle Arms of Eden" by Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Dave was an amazing song writer, and Grammer has one of my favorite voices in music.

There's nothing more "Beltane" than "Beltaning," and while "Courtin in the Kitchen" is not the ideal location, it can be a lot of fun. Jason is a huge Gaelic Storm fan.

"D'yer Ma'ker" is loathed by many Zeppelin fans, but I've always thought it was a fun summertime romp.

My musical tastes are all over the board, and there's nothing more "all over" than including David Arkenstone's "Road to the Faire" from "The Celtic Book of Days." I just love this instrumental piece. Yeah, it makes no sense after Zeppelin, but "Spring" doesn't make sense sometimes. It's 80 degrees one day, 52 the next . . . . .

Summer and Spring are about "Friendship," good times, and Tenacious D!

I'd put "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" right up there with the greatest rock and roll songs of all day. We love and miss you Otis.

My favorite "Spring" song of all time is Richard Shindell's "Spring" but it's not available on youtube or anything. Do yourself a favor and find it on Itunes.


  1. Loved the Morrison rituals, love your blog and thought you were cool, but "Tenacious D," now I know your cool. Blessed Beltane.

    PS our rituals totally rock your socks off.

  2. You invite me to a ritual and I'm there. I've got lots of time on my hands out here.

    I'm pretty sure Pconn will never let me do another Morrison, but somewhere on the West Coast I'm going to do another one. Time will tell.

    The funny thing about Tenacious D and Jack Black is that I just love Black's voice. If he took music super-seriously I'd still be a big fan.