Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jason's Charge of the God

I've always firmly believed that all male archetypes are a part of something greater, and that all roads lead back to the same place.  In other words I believe that all religions are valid, and all positive faiths can be seen as expressions of "God."  In Wicca, the feminine aspect of "The All" or "Prime Mover" is expressed in "The Charge of the Goddess."  The CotG was written and assembled mostly by British Witch Doreen Valiente (who shares a birthday with me!).  Her Charge has lots of "bits" in it, ideas incorporated from Gerald Gardner's earlier version, and words from Charles Godfrey Leyland's "Aradia" and the writings of Aleister Crowley.  What makes Valiente's Charge great has nothing to do with where the words came from, but everything to do with how those words were used to express universal truths.  

Many years ago I was writing a very big Beltane Ritual, and decided to include Valiente's Charge.  To counter-balance her expression of the Divine Feminine I searched in vain for something equally expressive of the Divine Male.  There are many "Charges of the God" out there, but they are all generally re-workings of Valiente, substituting male things in for female ones, while generally keeping Valiente's cadence and structure.  I thought that was lame and decided to write my own, to create something hopefully equal to Valiente's Charge, but unique.  The result is Jason's Charge of the God.

The Charge of the God

Revealed now are the words of the Great God.  He is the ancient one, whose face has appeared in many roles throughout eternity.  

I am he who abides in the deepest darkest woods.  It is my place to be with the creatures of the forest running in the cloak of blackest night.  With bow strung across my back I make my home with the Earth.  I am the defender of the sacredness of nature.  I am the Great God.

I am he whose light and warmth brings forth life from the soil.  My warmth is the covenant of union between Lady and Lord.  My brow is the radiant crown of summer, the glow about me my promise of eternal light.  I am the Great God.

I am he who is magick, creator of eternal energy, the catalyst of beneficial change for all who would walk in the Old Ways.  My whispers are those of tomorrows revealed and knowledge to be granted.  I am the power to see and do all things.  I am the Great God.

I am the trickster, scourge of all those methodical and overanalyzing.  I am the trouble in the best laid plans, the unexpected when all seems well.  I am the chaos in a world of balance.  I am the Great God.

I am he whose gift is the vine, the never ending chalice of intoxication.  My presents are those of joy:  wine, dance, and the freedom to be without care.  Merriment and mirth to me are great honor for the joy of the folk is my reward.  I am the Great God.

I am the cosmic god, one with all aspects of the universe.  It is the stars which provide the sparkle in my eyes, a multitude of planets make up my body, and a thousand suns burn together as my heart and soul.  I am the Great God.

I am he who abides in the skies, bringer of thunder and sender of lightning.  I give the blessings of rain to the parched and hungry land.  I command the winds that turn the seasons.  I am he whose face can be seen amongst the clouds.  I am the Great God.

I am the horned one, ancient god of fertility.  It is my seed which brings forth life in the great womb.  I am the bringer of physical pleasure, god of lust, god of the flesh.  I give the joys of bodily union to all who ask.  I am the Great God.

I am he that stands at the threshold of death, and life eternal.  I welcome those who have departed your world and bid farewell to those who return to it.  I guard the mysteries of the end and the wonder of beginnings.  I am the Great God.

Worship me side by side with the Lady.  Honor me and I shall abide forever within you.  For as long as tolerance, happiness, and righteousness exist, the true God will eternally reign.  I am love, I am eternal, I am a part of all things.  I am the Great God.

Given the structure of my Charge-stand alone verses-you can do a lot of things with it.  It can be read by two people, trading verses back and forth.  It can be re-arranged so that the last verse read coincides with whatever season you are celebrating.  When time is short you can even skip a few verses here and there, though I wouldn't skip my favorite ones (horned one, wine god, trickster, nature god).  Certain verses are for particular gods as well, and if you are doing a ritual in honor of Pan or Cernunnos you could save their verses for last, or insert their names into the proceedings.  (I give the joys of bodily union to all who ask, I am Pan, I am the Great God, etc.)   

So it's a pretty adaptable piece, and something I'm rightfully proud of.  You can also insert new verses into it here or there.  The following two verses are in my official hand-written version, but are rarely used by me these days.  The first of these two verses is obviously about Jesus, and reflects my crazy passion to include everyone and everything in my personal theology.  I've had some Pagans yell at me for it.  "We don't need forgiveness" they tell me, and then I remind them that the verse only says "and those that need forgiveness my receive it."   

The second of these two verses is a rather barbed expression of love.  I like love, I am in love, I like being in love, but it often makes us do silly (or stupid) things.  It can be a double pointed sword if not approached correctly.   

I am the sacrificial god, my blood is poured out upon the Earth so that the soil may be renewed, and those that need forgiveness may receive it.  I care naught for myself, only for those who serve me.  I am the Great God.

I am the god of love and the commitment between two individuals sharing heart, mind, bodies, and soul.  It is my arrows which awaken desire in the hearts of women and men,  and it is my poison which make the sane foolish in the name of love.  I am the Great God.


  1. My friends coven has everyone write their own charges, to the God and the Goddess. I thought that was great so I teased him I would write my own. Of course the next ritual I did a Goddess charge like Doreen Valiente I mixed and matched different parts I liked from the array of charges out there. He laughed told me "that was cheating", but we both laughed cause he was the only one noticed what I did.....

  2. Not cheating at all. Doreen's Charge came from a lot of different sources, and the one a lot of Wiccans use today is the Starhawk adaption of Valiente's Charge. I think the Charge is meant to be mixed up, to grow, and to change depending on the needs of the people who use it.

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous and acts as a wonderful counter to the Charge of the God as used by the Aquarian Tabernacle Church (written by Daniel Christiansen).

    I hope to be able to use it in ritual at some point in the future. (With appropriate credit of course.)

  4. You should be proud, it's a wonderfully written Charge. I'm of the opinion that Wicca could use a bit more balance. Even as a woman, I'm always looking for well written pieces/chants/prayers for the God that resonate for me. I could never write one myself that I was happy with. This one truly does resonate, and I'm going to introduce it to my Coven. It will make the perfect "mate" to Dianne Sylvan's Charge of the Lord of the Dance (highly recommended too). Thank you. Hopefully you've inspired other men to search their hearts, and honor the male aspect of the Divine as well as you've done here.

  5. YAY! I've been looking everywhere for a charge of the God, but kept finding either half done adaptations of the charge if the Goddess, though I did find one, it was rather... plain. This is a wonderful, all encompassing charge of the God. Blessed Be.